Hello Neighbours,
If you are considering moving or are planning to move in the future, I really hope you take a brief moment to read the following.
My husband James and I have just moved from Deloraine  Avenue to Fenn  Avenue and I’m so excited to share my experience with you. Our home was sold in three weeks- at around Christmas time! I believe a stroke of luck has led my husband and I to meet Marci Koifman of Royal Lepage Partners Realty.  Marci truly defines the word “ professionalism”. She was extremely accommodating to our schedules and lifestyle, and no matter the demand Marci was always more than happy to oblige. You will surely agree that she is one of the most genuine, sincere and kind-hearted people you’ll meet, yet she has the drive, determination and “go-getter” spirit that totally impressed us. Most importantly, Marci’s intentions are good- unlike so many individuals in this business.
This is one of the few times that our family has moved but by far the most pleasant and easiest of them all, thanks to Marci Koifman.

Tania Folco Malaniak - Toronto

Dear Marci,
Just a brief note to thank you so very much for all your work in making the sale of our property such a painless experience.  Your professionalism, your knowledge of the area,  and your advice in terms of preparing the property all translated into a quick (only 11 days) and seamless sale at a remarkable price (especially considering the market conditions).  I particularly appreciate the kindness and patience you exhibited in dealing with the seller, my elderly mother.  She felt very safe in your hands and was more than pleased with the final outcome.
It was a pleasure doing business with you and I would be only too happy to recommend your services to friends and family.

Ethel Cooper - Toronto

Dear Marci,
I have lived in my charming little house for 35 years and the decision to sell did not come easily. Once I made up my mind, my goal was to find the right Realtor, one who knew Bathurst Manor and who would help price my house to sell. Your careful attention to detail and expert advice gave me the confidence to list with you.
I was impressed with your professional presentation the first time we met and grateful for your kind hearted support the night I signed back the offer to purchase –which was through my tears. It’s a bittersweet experience to part with the house that holds so may family memories, and you made the experience as painless as possible.
Thank you for all your hard work, warm personality and good business sense. I am recommending you to everyone.

Maureen Burgess - Bathurst Manor

Dear Marci,
My husband and I would like to thank you for making the sale of our house such  a quick and smooth event. We are dually impressed with how you had all the right people at your fingertips: the staging consultants, the house inspector and your assistant helping you with the very busy open house. We found that even office secretaries were very professional and pleasant scheduling all 33 showings!
You have proven yourself a s a very skilled negotiator and experienced real estate professional. Everything from the pricing of our house to the offer stage was done perfect.
You gave us the best advice in terms of getting the most for our investment. For example, you said that it was not important to make improvements to the front parking area but rather focus on other miscellaneous repairs that in the end paid off. We were very pleased with the sale price of our house - 11% over asking price and 3 competing offers. In fact, it took only one week to sell the house.
We were also impressed with your knowledge and professionalism when you acted as our representative for the purchase of our new home.
We look forward to buying and selling houses with you in the future.
Best regards,

Luidmila and Boris - Toronto

Dear Marci,
I would like to express my gratitude to you for all your hard work in buying and selling my properties.
When purchasing my new home, you were so thorough and helped me consider all options before making one of the most important decisions in my life. I really felt that you understood not only the financial implications but also the emotional ones. You took the initiative to research the market and were armed with all the necessary information to negotiate the best price for me. I am so happy in my new home and whenever I look around it, I remember and am thankful for all the good advice that you imparted through the buying process.
When it came to selling my house, your sage tips enabled my house to be marketed strongly and even though we had a scheduled trip overseas, I didn’t have to worry because I knew you were active in showing our house. This trust paid off, because we got our best offer while we were on our trip. You really acted in our best interest and that was evident in the care you took to ensure all the documentations was perfect and staying up till all hours of the night due to the time differences so that you could speak to us personally and ensure we were comfortable with all the terms and conditions.
Your powerful negotiation skills and keen ability to read people ensured that I got top dollar for my single most  largest asset, my residence.
Marci, thank you so much! Your caring nature, insight, perseverance, patience and practical knowledge made you not only  a pleasure to work with, but also my wisest choice in “making my best move”

Aviva Shiff - North Toronto

To Whom It May Concern,
It is a pleasure to recommend Marci Koifman. She recently sold our house and we were greatly impressed with her professionalism and the service she provided. Marci is diligent, hard working and honest. She is a quick study and followed our wishes to a 'T'. Any buyer/seller will be delighted with her services.

Edith Newton - Bathurst Manor

To Whom it May Concern,
In November of 2004, I had the pleasure of working with Marci Koifman. I am writing to express my belief- based on my experience with her representing me as a buyer and seller- that Marci is a professional through and through. If she is as passionate for her work with other clients as she was with me, any potential homeowner will be well represented by her.
During her time as my broker, Marci’s confidence and commitment helped  me obtain my goal of selling my house. I attributed the quick sale to several of her ideas we implemented. Apart from the required duties of a real estate broker,  Marci was available at any hour of the day or night, even putting in time over the weekend. Her sincerity and professionalism hasn’t gone unnoticed. She has  a very good reputation among neighbourhood residents. I am happy to recommend Marci. Any client that has the foresight to work with her will benefit from her broad experience, range of skills, energy and enthusiasm.

Bonnie Paltsev - Bathurst Manor

Dear Marci,
I would like to thank you for your efforts in concluding the successful sale of our house in the Bathurst Manor area. As you are aware, I originally contacted you because of your extensive experience in this area of the city. I came to be impressed with your real estate market expertise and commitment to providing exceptional service. In particular, I would like to express my appreciation for your enthusiasm and optimism, which carried me through the difficult process of selling our family home. Your sound advice regarding the work needed to prepare the house for sale and tireless efforts to promote it resulted in a successful sale within one week.  I certainly will have no hesitation in recommending you to others entering the housing market.

Sherry Smugler - Bathurst Manor

Dear Marci,
Thank you for all your help in the recent sale of our home. In retrospect, I am very happy I chose you from several agents I interviewed for this important transition in our lives. Through the ups and downs of pricing in the changing market, the emotional rollercoaster of us leaving our long time family home and the ins and outs of preparing and presenting our best to the public, you provided sound advice. You handled everything from the promoting and advertising to the paperwork and finalizing of the sale. You even provided names of cleaners, roofers, lawyers, movers, and charities!! What more could a seller ask for???
You have lived up to all of your promises and I thank you, Marci for being -

Judy Cohen Evanston - Bathurst Manor

Dear Marci,
Thank you so much for everything you did to help make the selling of our home as painless as possible-and as quick as possible!
From the moment we made the decision to list with you I felt completely comfortable and very confident that we had made the right choice. Your professionalism and sense of humour were much appreciated by both Danny and me during the process – and it was truly a pleasure doing business with you. With your prompting we were able to get the house “organized” quickly and your handyman did a great job dealing with some of the last minute repairs we had to make before beginning to show the house. Due to your suggestions about realistic pricing the house sold almost immediately and we received our asking price. I look forward to continuing our relationship and will have no hesitation in recommending you to others.
Thank you again and let’s have dinner one night soon!

Shauna K. - Bathurst Manor

Marci sold our father’s condo when he passed away last year. Although we were encouraged to use another real estate agent that “specialized” in selling units in his building, we were very pleased that we hired Marci to list and sell the apartment.
Marci presented us with a through analysis of what had sold in my Dad’s building and in the surrounding neighborhood. She strongly suggested that we get the status certificate in advance of the sale in order to facilitate any offers coming in. She also planned out a marketing campaign with flyers, ads in newspapers and open houses. She was very helpful with suggestions on how to “freshen up” the look of the apartment and made the unit look lovely with a minimum amount of “tweaking”. In the end, she brought us multiple offers and we got our asking price with a totally clean offer, thanks to her knowledge and expertise in negotiations. The unit sold without a hitch and we would recommend using Marci again (which we have) for both condos and houses.  

Judi Swartz - Toronto

February 2, 2011

To Whom It May Concern
As a result of my father passing away last year, our family was left with a lovely condominium unit that we decided to sell.  We new several people in the business but wanted someone that would be impartial to all parties concerned.
I searched and found several excellent candidates, but one stood out from the rest.  That someone was Marci Koifman.  Marci had an excellent presence in the form of her website.  Serious professionals today must take advantage of all media to best serve their clients.  Upon further investigation, it was obvious that Marci had the experience, knowledge and personality to take on the task at hand.   
We met with Marci and she helped us through the listing process with friendly but professional guidance.  She was able to bridge an otherwise difficult gap, inevitable when dealing with several different opinions on how things should be managed.
During the next several months we had an outstanding response to the many advertisements that were posted.  Our property was unique and posed a few genuine obstacles that needed to be overcome in order to bring an offer to the table.
I am happy to say that Marci delivered an excellent offer from clients that she brought in herself.  She was able to negotiate the long closing date that we required and the buyers offer was firm.
Marci is genuinely warm and friendly, with a great sense of humour, fine intelligence, and a very personable demeanour.  She demonstrated great patience and skill as a negotiator.

For all these reasons, I recommend to you as a Realtor / Broker, Marci Koifman in the strongest
possible terms and without reservation.

Most Sincerely

Carol Montgomery - Orillia, Ontario

June 2011

We were very impressed when we met Marci and listened to her presentation. She helped us understand the importance of marketing and maximum exposure to ensure the best price possible for our house. We had over 80 showings and our house sold was sold in 7 days for 12% over the asking price. We can't thank Marci enough. After working with her, we are happy to say that we haven't just met an excellent realtor, we have made a great friend.
If you are ever thinking of selling your home, Marci Koifman is the person to call, you will be happy you did...we are.

Sue C. - Toronto, Ontario